• Now I know what Rowling and Tolkien must have felt like. Your lead character starts appearing dull in comparison to the secondary ones (Harry Potter and Frodo, yes, I’m talking to you). Maybe a minority opinion - but I’m curious to hear if anyone here found them deeply interesting. #creative

  • It’s always such a delight to receive audition videos based on a script you wrote. Seeing your character embodied and alive… ah, the feels! It also provides clarity on what’s working and what isn’t. I’m so deeply grateful that my work allows me the time to still be #creative on the side.

  • Ugh, writing an AI character is hard! How do these things think? Are they capable of deception to appear human? Couldn’t resist dipping into Alex Garland’s ‘Ex Machina’ (2015). While it’s not the direction I’ll pick for AI in my musical, hats off to Garland and actress Alicia Vikander! #creative

  • Great to get live feedback on my musical’s ‘villain reveal’ song from my Lyft driver, who told me it reminded him of the Progressive Rock band, ‘Polyphia’. As a newcomer to the world of rock, it’s frankly flattering to be compared to these #creative innovators: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poly…

  • Composing a song that uses multiple musical modes? Try Hookpad: hookpad.hooktheory.com Helped me pick the best key: the one that’s easiest to play on a guitar without a capo- B Dorian aka F# Minor. Dorian mode brought out melancholy of Tears for Fears’ ‘Mad World’ 🎸🎼 #creative

  • Snowflakes Musical-Writing Day 8: Clear cause-and-effect between villain’s actions and bad outcomes for the environment makes logical sense. But we switched from logic to emotions: what if the world is going to shit anyway? Why not have a good time like the villain? #creative

  • Snowflakes Writing Day 7: @warner played with a minorized ‘Happy Birthday’ and Missouri’s lullaby state song. I explored Dusty’s trust fund, lack of trust with family, and solar-powered VR. Plugging plotholes to justify his move to SoCal. #creative

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